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November 11, 2010


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Kristi Young

I'd like to enter both please!!! I LOVE that you are doing this. It's very sweet of you! :)

Nikki Wright

Your cake toppers are great! When I saw them I wanted to use them as the main design for my wedding. I hope you have a great holiday and I hope that I will win Giveaway #1!!!!!!

Lindsay S

I would like to sign up for giveaway #1! I love your cake toppers and they would go beautifully with my wedding!

Jennifer S.

I would like to win giveaway #1. I just used your cake toppers for my wedding in October and everyone loved them! I would love to win these for my brother and his fiance who are currently planning their wedding!

Carole Marson

I ran across your cake toppers when I was looking for wedding cake ideas. They are so unique and absolutely beautiful! What a lovely keepsake to have from your special day. Please enter me in both drawings. Thanks so much!


My best friend used your toppers in her wedding; when I became engaged, I knew there was nothing else for me. I would happily like to enter for Giveaway #1 - thank you so much for even offering this!


I'd like to enter Giveaway #1 -- soo cute! The tree is the perfect touch as well! I absolutely love your toppers, they're all so cute :)

Rebecca Winkler

Hi, I'd like to enter Giveaway #2 - I instantly fell in love when I saw the military love birds! Your website has been saved on my computer and I show it to everyone when they start asking about our wedding!! My fiancee is in the Marine Corps, but isn't wearing his uniform for our wedding, so we wanted to incorporate that part of our lives into our love bird cake toppers!

Susan O.

Hi I just absolutely love your cake toppers and I would love to enter Giveaway #1

Katie C

I love your cake toppers !! Super cute, I would love to enter giveaway #1 please. I stumbled accross these on etsy and fell in love with them. I would love to bring a cute little pair of these to live with me all the way in Aus for my vintage wedding next year.


I just discovered your cake toppers on etsy. I would love to be entered in #1, any chance I can have 2 girls instead though :)

Alanna Hulings

I would like to enter giveaway #2, my fiance LOVES and proudly serves in the Coast Guard and our wedding is April 2, 2011. He will be wearing his Coast Guard uniform instead of a tux. I haven't even showed him the cake toppers but I know he is going to be STOKED about them!!! My Dad is a disabled veteran so we are paying for our wedding ourselves so winning these would be such a blessing! :)

Lindsie Temke

These are soo presh! i love them- and I would like to be entered in giveaway #2. My fiance is currently deployed to Afghanistan and we will be getting married in August once he comes home. I know that he will just love these toppers :)


I would like to enter giveaway #2 please. Your toppers are such beautiful and unique works of art! A perfect twist on a classic theme.


Giveaway #2 please! My Fiance *just* returned from a deployment to the Gulf, and our wedding is this coming April. I had been looking at these birds long before they were featured! :]


Giveaway #1 is also super cute! I'm not sure he'll be wearing his uniform, so these birds would also easily be incorporated!

Rosalyn B.

This is so great of you! I'd love to enter giveaway #1. They're so sweet! and they would go perfectly with my wedding cake plans too =]


I would love to sign up for giveaway #1. I am the Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding. She is always talking about your cute little birds. This would be the perfect gift!


I would like to enter giveaway #1. My fiancee is absolutely in love with these cake toppers and she has been talking about them since we got engaged! It would be awesome if I could surprise her with them for Christmas!


I would love to enter giveaway #1! I love these birds! I have been wanting to order a pair for months now, but I have a limited wedding budget. I'd love to give these little birds a loving home :)


Hello from France! I would love to enter giveaway #1, please. I fell in love with your cute love birds cake toppers on etsy. They are so adorable! I'd love to see them on our wedding cake on July 16, 2011. I'm sure they would love being on top of our French "pâtisserie" :)
(PS: if I win, postage to France could be arranged with an American friend of mine.)

eva vercauteren

I'd like to enter giveaway #1. They look so lovely!


I've been in love with your birds since I saw some toppers you did for a friend on Facebook and I'm looking forward to ordering some myself hopefully soon. I'd like to enter giveaway #1!


I would like to enter giveaway #1. These cake toppers are exactly something that my son's fiancee would love! No other topper would be more perfect!


I would like to enter giveaway #1. The birds are something my brothers fiancee would like, and would be a perfect Christmas present!


I would like to enter for giveaway #1! Those birds would be such a perfect cake topper for my beautiful granddaughter's wedding!

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