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November 23, 2009


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Oh, so cute! I think I'll be able to give them a fitting home =)

B. Miller

Those are beautiful! What a great color scheme. I'd love to take them off your hands =)


I would love for this pair of love birds to fly to my art gallery wedding this spring in Atlanta! they would perfectly match all of the creative elements of our day!


I absolutely love your wedding toppers. I check out your etsy shop and blog frequently to view all your lovely pieces. We are getting married in June and this would most definitely be a lovely addition to our big day :)! Thank you for posting such a great giveaway.


OMGawd! Sooo adorable! You're so talented!

Kristina Eramo

I'm getting married in October and my fiance and I have totally fallen in love with your cake toppers!!


Love these! I would definitely give these a great home, and proudly tell everyone their maker when they fawn over how beautiful they are!

Jennifer S.

I think these little birds are adorable! I'm getting married next October and would love to have these as my cake topper!


My fiance Ted and I are getting married next November and would LOVE this pair of toppers.

And on the side note, you're soooo creative and talented! I wish I had that creativity =)


Thanks for posting the drawing! These birds are so perfect for a wedding! I would cherish them well beyond my wedding day if I win!

Ashey Hasegawa

OOH OHHH ME!!!! I want to win these T___T


I'm in love with your love birds! The detail is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent and I'm crossing my fingers they will top our wedding cake next year!


My Fiance LOVES your birds! I would love to win to suprise her. Thanks.


These adorable toppers would be perfect for our wedding in April and they are the exact color and style I was looking for!! I love the work you do and would love to have something like this to top our cake and have for years to come to remind of us our special day! :)

Emily & Jeff

These are so beautiful and the colors are so classy!!! My fiancee and I love these especially because we have four birds of our own :) *Pick us! Pick us!*


We were lucky enough to be given your cake topper as a shower gift. They really made our day so special. I'd love to be able to pay it forward and give this pair to my best friend for her wedding in June. Love your work!

Angela Wolf

I absolutely love your designs. I'm getting married in April and adore this cake topper! Keep up the good work :)

M. Phommahaxay

Love how unique each set is!


They are so elegant and regal in their bearing :)

Kristen A.

I was browsing etsy for a cake topper and came across your shop. Your work is so beautiful! I would love these for my wedding in June :)


My boyfriend of 6 years is going to propose soon and we both LOVE your wedding topper creations! We would love to have these on our cake! Good luck everyone!!


These are really adorable. My good friend is getting married in May and I want to give her a set because she loves birds so much.


i love these so much!


Must.have.these! I LOVE THEM!

Jessica Pulliam

Crossing my fingers!


I already ordered mine, but my sister would love these as well!! So beautiful :)


I just saw your Etsy shop referenced in another blog (can't remember was a few days ago), and I've become obsessed with your cake topppers! They are gorgeous!!!


As a cake decorator, these cake toppers are a marvelous find. I'd love to partner up and use these someday!


I am getting married in March 2010, I have decided to make my own wedding cake but need an expert to make the topper! These love birds are soooo cute and I would love them to be the special guests on my special day!


I LOVE these cake toppers! The birdies are sooo cute.


Your cake toppers are simply amazing! I would love to be able to add these to my June 2010 wedding!


Very cute! My good friend is getting married in June with a vintage theme. These would go so nicely and I'd love to surprise her with them! :)


Love your cake toppers! I would love to win on for my april wedding!


Beautiful. My good friend got married this past June and used your birds as her cake topper. I just got engaged this Christmas and immediately contacted her about where she got her cake topper. She directed me here. Thank you...your work has such an elegance to it. A creative and unique twist to an old tradition.


Hello from Barcelona, Spain!
I think you make incredible art figurines, I am getting married next October and I was looking for some birds for the ceremony as a symbol, did you ever think about making a birds' ring pillow or nest? It would be awesome! Congratulations!


Beautiful! I would love to be able to give these to a friend who is recently engaged and in love with your work.

Steve Smith

These are fantastic! They would make gorgeous decorations after the wedding as well! My fiance would love these... Thank you for the offer!

Jenny Wong

Hello! Your cake toppers are simply so sweet. My wedding in June and will be shades off yellow, these would be wonderful!


These are so adorable and would fit my wedding perfectly!


Oh my goodness, I've seen a lot of love bird toppers but yours just look so adorable! I just found your Etsy site literally minutes ago, blogged about it, and conveniently after my fiance agreed that a love bird theme would be great. I hope you had a lovely holiday with your family and that you have a great New Year!


Wow, these are amazing! My friend suggested that I look at your site, and these adorable birds greatly exceeded my expectations!


Your work is amazing! I would love to surprise a good friend of mine who is engaged. She loves your work!

Christine S.

My daughter just showed me your blog and told me how much she loved these birds. I hope I win so I can surprise her with them. Your work is great.

Heather N

Your love birds are perfect, so sweet and simple!

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